When I was a boy, on my walls I didn’t have posters of Ferrari’s or E-type Jag’s, but Volvo’s, my favorite being Volvo Amazons.
My uncle use to own a Volvo Garage in Durban called “Blakeroad Motors”, where I spent a lot of time when the family visited. This was when I fell in love with the cars, as my uncle use to race with Volvo’s and spent many an hour finetuning them.
When I started working as apprentice, it still wasn’t possible to own a Volvo as they were quite expensive at the time. In 1971 (aged 22) I found one at a dealership in Kroonstad where I grew up. It was a dark green 122S. The price was right, but the catch was that the engine was blown, because it was test driven without water.
Thanks to me being an apprentice as an automotive fitter, and my enthusiasm and the help of the company I use to work for, we got it going in a few days.
Later on the company sponsored me to take part in motor sport events, and I could really start to enjoy my Volvo, as this was what the car were build for. Speed, endurance and safety! Since then, I was badly infected with this highly contagious Volvo Virus, and I did not want a cure.
For the next 30 years I spent all my spare time, playing and working with classic Volvo’s, restoring , servicing, and tuning them.  In 1975 the Volvo company left South Africa, and my hobby got a lot more challenging, as spare parts were not freely available anymore.  This meant that I had to manufacture and modify a lot of parts to keep some of the Classics on the road.
Not surprisingly I owned more then 30 Volvo’s of every model during the next 3 decades , and all of them were kept in prime condition.  This exclude my collection of about 65 miniature Volvo’s.
The Volvo company returned to S.A in 1994, but because of my outdated training, I never got experience in electronics and decided to rather focus on the mechanical side of th evehicles.  Ten years ago, I was retrenched, and started using my hobby as a full time job.
The business grew, and with a permanent staff of 4 people, we are taking care of Volvo’s, ranging from show car’s, race cars and some classic car’s that just need some t.l.c.
A lot of vlients buy wrecks of Volvo’s and we restore them to their original state.


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